As an Amazonian, your time is valuable. We know you spend hours participating in video and phone conferences through Chime every day. After a long day, trying to figure out the tax implications of selling your Amazon stock, deciding between investment choices in your 401(k), or trying to maximize the benefits of each paycheck can feel like a second job unto itself. Partnering with C-J Advisory will empower you to make smarter financial decisions while spending more time with your family and friends.

C-J Advisory has had the privilege of building relationships with leading tech professionals in Silicon Valley since 1980. Those relationships have given us unique insight to help you maximize your Amazon employee benefit offerings. By sitting down to identify your personal values and goals, we can take a holistic view of your financial position to make sure you’re not overlooking available opportunities. Your paycheck gets pulled in multiple directions; let us do the heavy lifting to make sure every dollar is working as hard as it possibly can.

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Here are some frequently asked questions by other Amazon employees: 

  • What are the tax implications of selling Restricted Stock?
  • Is it better to contribute to a  Health Savings Account or a Flexible Savings Account?
  • What is a “triple tax benefit” on your Health Savings Account?
  • Do I have too much or too little life insurance coverage?
  • I have already contributed the maximum to my 401(k), where can I save more money?
  • What is an after-tax 401(k) contribution?
  • What 401(k) investment options should I choose?
  • Should I contribute to a Roth or Traditional 401(k)?
  • Can I make IRA contributions in addition to 401(k) contributions?

If you would like answers to the questions above or have questions of your own, click here. We will respond within 24 hours.