Tips That May Help Keep Your Electronic Financial Data Secure

Kolleen Schocke |

These days most people have sensitive financial information online. In fact, 72% of Americans mostly access their banking accounts online or through mobile apps, continuing a growing trend.[1]

As our lives become increasingly digital, so does our personal and sensitive information. If we don’t take precautions to protect our data, then we risk becoming victims of breaches and cyberattacks. The ongoing pandemic has led to more people working from home, which has put a target on routers all over the country.[2]

From your investment accounts to your tax details and beyond, these three tips may help better protect your electronic data:

Strengthen your passwords.

An easily hackable password is like leaving a door locked with your key in it: You’re inviting someone to take advantage. To create a secure password, avoid using personal details (like your child’s name), words found in any dictionary, or the same password across various accounts.[3]Consider a password manager to help you generate random passwords and take the burden off you to remember each one.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPNs help shield your identity, location, and data by routing your internet traffic through an encrypted, virtual tunnel. You can choose from a number of VPN apps for your computers and mobile phones. As a quickly growing method to safeguard data, VPNs are an easy way to help provide powerful protection.[4]

Encrypt browsing sessions.

Whenever you visit a URL that uses “HTTP,” you aren’t on a secure site. As another layer of protection, you can install browser plugins that turn unsecure websites into secure, encrypted connections via “HTTPS.”[5]

The Takeaway

While no one can completely remove the threats from storing electronic data, you can take steps to help better safeguard your sensitive information. These tips are a starting point for protecting you and your family’s security with minimal effort.




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