401(k) and Employer Plan Investment Recommendations
We make investment recommendations in line with client investment portfolios to ensure their employer plan is both non-redundant and complementary to their overall investment plan.

Professional Employer Organization Recommendations
We provide this resource for clients who prefer to have a “back office in a box” instead of hiring individual firms for each administrative task. 

Advice regarding Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs)
Here in Silicon Valley, we see a myriad of employer stock offerings from various companies. Navigating the options can be confusing; we help clients understand what they are, their tax impact, and how to manage their resources. 

Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) Exercise Optimization
We provide education and advice around employee ownership plans to help clients make informed decisions and boost their tax benefits. 

Benefits Election Recommendations
We analyze our client’s employer plan offerings to make sure their coverages are appropriate and cost-effective. 

Job Change and Promotion Considerations
We ask our clients questions and create “what if” scenarios to help them evaluate the best route for their family and their future. 


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