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Reviewing Wills and Trust Documents
We're experts at helping clients through the emotional process of developing an end-of-life plan and instructions for beneficiaries to receive assets. We make sure clients feel at ease, knowing their legacy will be administered according to their wishes. 

Re-registration of Assets when Estate Plan Changes
A Revocable Living Trust is a tool designed to make sure a person's assets go to their beneficiaries and not a Probate Court after they pass away, but there can be some challenges when setting up a Trust. We help clients reap the full benefits of a Trust and avoid pitfalls like forgetting to re-register assets.

Generate a Final Instructions Worksheet
It can be challenging to consider post-life plans, but we help our clients feel confident about communicating their wishes to their loved ones with a Final Instructions Worksheet.

Charitable Gifting and Wealth Transfer Strategies
Many of our clients like to share their financial good fortune with causes like animals, the environment, or people in need.  We're experienced at finding tax-friendly paths to philanthropy. 


Strategies for Reducing Estate Taxes
Estate Tax planning is a critical component when considering your legacy. We generate strategies to reduce estate taxes and ease our client's concerns about their financial position at the close of life. 

Education and Guidance Regarding Ethical Wills
Ethical Wills communicate an individual's values and wisdom if they are not able to do so personally. We help our clients understand how these tools will work best for their intentions. 

Guidance and Handling of the Estate When Death Occurs 
Losing a loved one is difficult for families, so we step in to take care of the details to lessen a family's burden.

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