Q: What does "Holistic, Integrated Financial Planning" mean?

Another name for this is "Life Planning."

In addition to integrating all the financial components listed in the "What We Do" section, we assist clients in discovering what they really want from their lives, or for their future, or what their right and perfect (next) career might be, or what activity might bring the most emotional satisfaction, or what legacy they want to leave behind (in addition to money), or what values they hold; what learning experiences they've acquired that they want to share now and/or pass on to future generations.

Some other monikers that clients have used to describe what I do are: Life Coach, Guide.

Q: How are you different from a "regular" Financial Planner?

Sooner or later, we realize that information is NOT knowledge, so we need someone whom we trust to translate, explain, advise, or implement.

We address ALL components of the financial planning process, not just investment strategies. We are educators for those who want to learn about personal finance and pensions and taxes and investing etc. In our current world, we are bombarded with a constant stream of data, literally 24 hours per day.

Q: Why do I have to fill out a Cash Flow Statement?

If there is, it then leads to these questions:

It is critically important for both of us to know where your money goes after it comes into the house. It isn't about budgeting for the purpose of sacrificing now for a future lifestyle; it's not about judgment; it's about finding out if there is any cash left over after the living expenses are handled, and, if so, how much.

  • Is there enough to start funding an account for college expenses?
  • Enough to fully fund ALL retirement accounts you are eligible for (if becoming financially independent at an early age is a goal)?
  • Enough to pay for a proper estate plan?
  • Enough to set up and fund charitable activities?
  • Enough to buy a second home in Spain?
  • Enough to buy your first home here?

Cash Flow tracking is often the most difficult task for clients to do (because of all the emotional baggage tied to money and how we spend it). It is also the most liberating revelation when the project is done. It is an easy process when software (like Quicken) is utilized.


In summary:

We help people use their money to make a life — rather than use their life to make money.