C-J Advisory Ideal Client Retirees
C-J Advisory Ideal Client Tech Professinals
  • Is committed to their financial planning process
  • Is willing to trust professional advice, delegate, and does not want to figure it out on their own
  • Has a big picture perspective and understands wealth creation can be a long-term process
  • Values honesty, integrity, transparency and clear communication
  • Is patient and understands research and administrative processes may take a few days
  • Has a sense of humor
  • Is responsive to C-J Advisory requests for information
  • Is willing to build a relationship based on trust
  • Has a positive attitude and demeanor
  • Is willing to consider new concepts and ideas
  • Understands the value of services provided and appreciates the extras
  • Prefers C-J Advisory to manage and oversee all assets solely
  • Is open to an integrated life-centered approach to financial planning
  • Prefers C-J Advisory as the coordinator of their financial team, including CPA, attorney, and bookkeeper