Statement of Net Worth (SNW)
The Statement of Net Worth is a service that compares a client's assets against their liabilities and includes an Addendum that tracks every deposit, withdrawal, fee, and transfer between accounts. This service enables each client to have a clear view of their financial position.

Executive Summary of Meeting
We provide each client with an Executive Summary following each Progress Review Meeting (PRM). The summary allows our clients to maintain a record of discussion topics, decisions, and action items.

Research for Unclaimed Client Assets
There are a surprising number of ways that funds can be lost, whatever the case we run a search before every client meeting to make sure we find any "lost" money for them.

Financial Action Plan
Goals are much more achievable when there's a plan outlining how to get there. Our Advisor provides specific written recommendations to clients to create a road map for both short and long-term goals. 

Meeting Agenda Topics
This agenda is all about our clients. We create a plan based on the previous meeting and send it in advance of the next meeting. Our clients can add discussion topics to the upcoming Progress Review Meeting Agenda, so they know what to prepare ahead of time.