Purchase Financing Estimates
Buying a home or rental property involves more than just the initial cost. We assess the long-term viability of the potential purchase and available options to finance it.

Mortgage Refinancing Calculations
Knowing when to refinance your home can be challenging. We compare the current mortgage loan on a property to the current interest rates to calculate a beneficial outcome for our clients.

Reverse Mortgages
We help clients who are 62 years and older that have equity in their homes determine if eliminating their monthly mortgage payment and switching to tax-advantaged income in retirement is right for their life goals. 

Home Equity Loans and Credit Lines
We provide support and resources to clients who want to explore the benefits of home equity loans and credit line strategies that offer tax-advantaged cash without going through the process of refinancing.

Rental Property Assessment
We create an assessment of whether the existing rental property is providing the rate of return and tax benefits our clients intended to ensure they are getting a good return on their investment.

Buy vs. Rent Analysis
We analyze the current real estate market with our clients to determine whether home ownership or renting makes sense for their lifestyle and financial circumstance.