How we help:

We know that tech professionals in the Bay Area have unique financial needs based on the distinctive compensation structure of the technology and start-up industry. The complexity of maximizing your employee benefits in addition to day-to-day responsibilities can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With rigorous schedules, many do not have the time to review the details of their plan and often overlook opportunities to optimize their employee benefits.

As financial advisors experienced in working with tech professionals and executives, we analyze your financial picture to create a tax-sensitive strategy to help optimize your equity compensation, evaluate your needs to maximize employee benefits, and develop a roadmap to help you meet your personal and financial goals. We strive to simplify your financial life so you can spend time on what you value most.

How do I know if I’m a good fit?

We work with high-earning professionals and provide value to:

  • Employees in the technology industry receiving equity compensation*
  • High earners with income of $100,000 or more
  • Disciplined savers focused on their goals
  • Individuals seeking long-term investment success
  • Delegators who keep us up to date on their goals and progress

*Restricted Stock Units (RSU), Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), Incentive Stock Options (ISO), Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSO), etc.

Working with a team of financial advisors familiar with the compensation and culture of tech professionals allows you to delegate your financial complexities to a group of professionals.

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